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Mark Sullivan’s Rockford roots run deep — his family has been living here since 1884. Because of this strong heritage, he cares greatly about the city and the people who live here. He is a fixed income specialist at MainStreet Financial Group, which means he helps people with limited resources maximize their earning potential. They can do this through CDs, bonds, common and preferred stock dividends, REITs, CEFs, MLTs and BDCs. He encourages his clients to always be saving and investing so they can allow their money to work for them. After growing up in a family business, he has seen firsthand the lifelong benefits of proactive financial planning in both personal finances and family legacies and stewardship.

Outside of his role as a financial planner, Mark enjoys reading everything, especially to learn all he can about local and world history, languages and meteorology. He spends much of his free time listening to and studying music — his favorite genres are 1950s cool jazz and 1950s Latin.

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